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Packhusplatsen 7
SE-411 13 Göteborg
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Kvänum Göteborg

Warmly welcome to our flagship showroom in the historic Stora Tullhuset from the 19th century, located by both the coast and the city. Parking is available right outside. Grab a cup and let yourself be inspired by a unique setting at Packhusplatsen with 18 captivating interiors on display in an area of 500 square meters featuring our three concepts Real Classic, Modern Classsic, and Contemporary. We assist you in designing interiors tailored to your unique conditions and needs – from kitchens to bedrooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, libraries, and more.

We have well-established collaborations with local installers who have extensive experience with our products. Together, we ensure that the result is perfected. Our showroom is continuously updated.

To book an appointment with our experienced decorators, please get in touch with us. Or if you wish, meet with them digitally.

Welcome, make yourself at home!

Interiors in our Showroom:

Real Classic – Broby Ax
Real Classic – Karleby Almond
Real Classic – Sparre Rock
Real Classic – Sparre Storm and Cumulus
Modern Classic – Trolle Ocean Blue
Modern Classic – Vikby Mistral and Mossa
Modern Classic – Steneby Rain and Sand
Modern Classic – Banér Pearl Green and Soft White (Retro)
Contemporary – Brahe Oak Hazel, Cumulus and Stainless steel (Spira)
Contemporary – Lindö Elm and Soft White
Contemporary – Liljencrantz Oak Amber
Contemporary – Ramel Thunder

Real Classic – Palazzo Oak Chocolate
Real Classic – Broby Soft White
Real Classic – Palazzo Oak Fudge
Real Classic – Tegnér Smoky Grey
Modern Classic – Trolle Forest Green
Contemporary – Ramel and Brahe Smoked Oak Coffee

Vårt team

Lisa Bergman


+46 31 701 33 93

Thomas Johansson


+46 31 701 33 91

Thomas Johansson


+46 31 701 33 91

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