Miriam’s new kitchen

2 february, 2024

2 february, 2024

Decorating the kitchen has been a fantastic journey, an adventure. I met with designer Per Fernholm at Kvänum and had a fruitful dialogue with him throughout the process. He is persistent and meticulous. Sometimes I had to give in. I´m not used to that. But I learned a lot. And it turned out delicious.

Miriam Melanie Bryant

She loves her new countertop, a boldly and wildly veined marble, Calacatta Viola, sprinkled with deep purple, very much Miriam Bryant, in fact. Like a piece of art, she says. Definitely so, a painting by nature itself, or geology, with landscapes, figures, and shapes appearing in the marvellous stone.

Miriam is delighted with her new kitchen from Kvänum. Decorating it, has been a fantastic journey, an adventure. I met with designer Per Fernholm at Kvänum and had a fruitful dialogue with him throughout the process, she says. When Miriam spaced out, Per held back. He is persistent and meticulous, says Miriam. Sometimes I had to give in. I´m not used to that. But I learned a lot. And it turned out delicious.

In her old kitchen, she had a worn-out sofa. It really looked like a soapbox car, says Miriam laughing. I realised I didn’t need it. We also got rid of a slightly too prominent, rusty sink drain, and all the rest. Now sink, oven, and cabinets are neatly integrated under the flamboyant marble countertop. According to Miriam, Per is not only practical but also an utterly sensitive aesthete.

Swedish singer-songwriter Miriam Melanie Bryant was born and raised in Utby, the outskirts of east Gothenburg. Her dad is of English origin and her mum Finnish, originally from Karelia, a truly cosmopolitan family. Miriam is fluent in Swedish, Finnish and English. After leaving the Finnish school, she joined the choir classes in Brunnsbo school on Hisingen, and after that went on to music classes at upper secondary in Kungälv north of Gothenburg.

Early on in her career, Miriam toured as a backing vocal behind iconic Swedish band Kent and other artists. But she aimed for the stars and soon enough made her first record as a solo artist, later followed by a parade of hits. In 2015 she took part in the TV-programme So much better with celebrated artists like Sven-Bertil Taube and Lisa Nilsson. The instant success made her hugely recognised by a wider audience.

Miriam’s kitchen is lit up by a droll and cheeky neon sign; the writing on the wall reads PS I Hate You in Swedish, the title of her latest album. I wish to surround myself with personal things, says Miriam, items pointing out who I am. That neon light is in a way my signature. If I ever get lost, which is all too easy in my branch, I need clues at home to remind me.

At home is Rörstrand, the southwest corner of Vasastan in central Stockholm, where she lives in a flat with two rooms, or rather three; I´ve got a terrace, an additional room of my own out in the lush courtyard greenery, says Miriam.

Oils, water colours, graphics, and a tin foil motif lean along the walls. She has recently embarked on some sort of art trip. I’m still learning, says Miriam. It´s exciting and clearly enrichening. I´m also fascinated by ceramics and sculpture, and as you might have guessed, I find lighting and cool armature intriguing.

And how about culinary arts? I like cooking, she says. Didn’t do much of it lately as I´ve been renovating, and perhaps not before either, she admits. But now things are different. Going out is suddenly less tempting. I prefer staying at home in my new kitchen having a bunch of friends over for a meal, says Miriam. This summer was busy, though. Miriam and Veronica Maggio, pair of pop queens, were out on a tour highly acclaimed both by audience and critics. Come autumn, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends in her new kitchen.

Miriam chose Steneby in our Modern Classic series, hand painted in colour Cumulus with a daring pink on the inside, colour code is NCS S 2010-R50B if you´ve got the guts. The chrome knob is precious Vide and appliances are Gaggenau. The lovely, stained oak ladder is from our own fine wood carpentry.

Her apartment is an expressive and charming blend of modern and classic. Miriam mixes luxury and flair with a timeless, simple, austere, almost spartan style. I like sharp contrasts and strong sentiments, she says. And I wish to make a statement. Una casa come me, a house like me, Italian writer Curzio Malarparte once said referring to his villa on the east coast of Capri. The same goes for Miriam and her flat.

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