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A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Natural and solid materials with an honest expression of simplicity and clarity have become the hallmark of Kvänum.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Natural and solid materials with an honest expression of simplicity and clarity have become the hallmark of Kvänum.

I have the simplest tastes. I´m always satisfied with the best.

Oscar Wilde


Our philosophy is quite simple. Only the best is good enough. Or as Oscar Wilde once put it, ‘I have the simplest tastes. I´m always satisfied with the best’.

For what it´s worth

Prices are partly depending on construction and production conditions; our joinery is authentic craft. Another crucial factor is the quality of material, in our case supreme. In addition, our devoted and skilful co-workers, such as designers, purchasers, joiners, sales and market personnel, decorators, and fitters give you as a customer lasting value for money. Visit our much-appreciated exhibitions and see for yourself! Our permanent grand national exposition in Jung along E20 has an exclusive and continually updated collection of kitchen, bath, and storage milieus on display. Welcome.


Beyond this, we offer a substantial experience of long-term responsibility. We´ve been around for a century and developed a trustful relation to our customers, from generation to generation, and quite regularly within the same family. Our guarantees are more than trustworthy. Trust is in fact one of our main assets. You´re safe with us.

Ingenious and neat

Kvänum carcasses are stunningly strong and stable, carpenters say. Laminboard bases, drawer rails, hinges, and lots af other details are well-conceived.

Our cabinet doors keep their shape and form better than simpler sorts. The ingenious construction of our frame doors is the market’s most dependable. Our plain doors are also solid and beautiful with a hard lipping, neat veneering, and lovely surface finishing.

Veneer is veneer, people say. No, we don´t agree. Yes, we´re choosy. Our veneer is something else. We pick, cut, and seam it with utmost care for each and every kitchen, and should anything not foreseen go wrong, we keep a copy of the pattern for half a year. These are things that made Kvänum one of Sweden’s best-regarded trademarks.


We manufacture our carcasses of 19 mm Nordic Swan Eco labelled boards. Front edges have a wood lipping or ABS banding. The interior of the cabinet has a layer of melamine or veneer with a choice of different surface finishings. Cabinets made with a recessed back allow for a space of 18 mm depth making room for cables. Top cabinets hang in a hidden rail system enabling a steady attachment in any wall construction. From within, cabinets are adjustable 12 mm upwards and 10 mm on the depth. Shelves are 19 mm MDF boards coated with white or grey melamine. The shelf edge has a robust ABS banding. Movable shelves rest on hidden metal carriers. Cabinets with veneered inside carry veneered shelves. Optional safety glass shelving is also available.

Carcasses i-series (recessed or inset doors)

On request, we provide the front edge with primed wood lipping. The carcass itself has an upper and a lower lipping inducing a sophisticated impression. The raised bottom of the cabinet functions as a door lipping. Visual side panels come separately seized 19 mm or 22 mm. All furnishings of the I-series come with primed carcasses, lipping, and filler pieces. After fitting, they´re painted to look site bult. Our customers can order ready painted doors, panelling, and cabinets with veneered interiors. Doors are always purveyed hand painted from factory.

Carcasses f-series (overlayed doors)

The f-series carcasses have a batten lipping between the door and the drawer face. Doors come with varying surface finishings or laminated. Normally, we deliver all parts of the furnishing from factory in a finished condition.

Carcasses h-series (full covering doors)

Visual sides are available veneered straight on the carcass or equipped with lose cover panel. Doors come with varying surface finishings or laminated. Normally, all parts of the furnishing leave factory in a finished condition.


Base cabinets and tall cabinets typically stand on legs. The standard hight of the base is 100 mm. Bases of the i-series are either 120 mm overlayed with a milled profile or recessed with a height of 100 mm. All bases are harmonised with front edges of the carcass and delivered in falling lengths. After fitting, we putty and paint bases like the rest of the woodwork.

Door construction

Our doors are unique. Yet the construction is well known, proved since long, and widely acknowledged as the best. Thanks to a form stable combination of robust massif wood, steady MDF board, and lovely veined veneer, our doors resist moisture and runs a minimal risk of getting crooked or cracked. Manufacturing a Kvänum door is indeed a complicated process. It takes thirty-four single operations to make a door like our Real Classic Sundby. Using massif wood only, or MDF fibres, would have been so much easier and faster but would certainly neither have measured up to our ambitious standards, nor made us proud.

Doors and hinges of the i-series

Doors and drawer faces align with the front edge of the carcass. The construction makes the whole front of the carcass visible. Doors are available with a cross sprayed vitrine. The i-series has visible nickel-coloured hinges with an opening angle of 270 degree. Brass and hidden hinges are optional. Hidden hinges have an opening angle of 110 degrees.

Doors and hinges of the f-series

Doors and drawers face of the f-series have a lap, making parts of the carcass front edges visible. Doors are available with cross sprayed vitrine. Visible nickel-coloured hinges are standard with an opening angle of 165 degrees. Brass hinges are optional.

Doors and hinges of the h-series

Doors and drawer faces cover front edges of the carcass. The h-series doors are available with vitrine. Hidden hinges have an opening angle of 110 degrees. They are detachable and have a built-in damping.


We manufacture our drawers in 12 mm massif oak. Traditional dovetailing makes them strong and durable. Bottom is 8 mm MDF board coated with oak-melamine. Suitable oak cutlery organisers are available as well as rubber and felt drawer mats. Our drawers on a double ball bearing slide have a combined automatic soft damping and pull-in mechanism, and you can easily remove them.


On demand, we provide our cabinets with recessed LED light and dimmer (spots or linear lighting)


Since more than a century our joinery is found right in the middle of a vast agricultural area. We see the seasons come and go. In May we hear the lark’s two-note chip, in November trees disappear like ships in the mist. Wood is our main source material; we owe nature a debt of gratitude, and we try to protect our environment. Three aspects are particularly important to us.

Minimised impact Science has a measure for environmental impact – the ecological footprint. Man has left traces all over the planet. We´re on our toes to minimise the footprint in each and every stage of our production and distribution.

Minimised impact

Science has a measure for environmental impact – the ecological footprint. Man has left traces all over the planet. We´re on our toes to minimise the footprint in each and every stage of our production and distribution.

Renewable raw materials

Our interiors are woodwork – oak, ash, elm, walnut, birch etcetera. We´re only engaged with FSC-certified forestry partners.

Interiors that last

The single most important thing we can do for nature and environment is manufacturing interiors that last and age with grace. Period.

Oak from Visingsö

In our interiors you will find broadleaf wood such ash and oak. Oak is occasionally harvested in the Royal forest that was planted around 1830 on Visingsö in Lake Vättern, today huge halls and arcades with pillars of oak.

The purpose of planting was to secure a future supply of timber for the Swedish marine. Alongside, planted larch and spruce shadowed the oak to stop it from spreading its branches. Unlike the traditional dignified and emblematic oak, these trees grew tall and straight. The Swedish crown managed a long-term and rational production of raw material, boards, and planks for carvel-built war vessels with an imposing ornate galleons and transoms.

In 1975, long after the last ship-of-the-line had sailed away, the earliest trees were ripe to harvest. Today, the oak forest of Visingsö is part of our national heritage. A gentle and sustainable maintenance of the forest helps preserving a unique biotope and cultural environment. In consideration of replanting and regeneration, only limited annual quantities of timber are harvested, enough for a fancy floor at the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria, a prestigious distillery´s whisky barrels, or massif knife blocks and smooth drawers from Kvänum, things that will age with grace, much like the forest.

Royal purveyor

Kvänum is a humble and proud Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden, a truly honourable assignment, and in our eyes a testament to our exceptional quality.

Guarantees Kvänum kök AB

Our three years product guarantee refers to a manufacturing defect due to flaws or bugs concerning construction, material, or production. We examine goods to find out if the guarantee covers the defect, and if so, how we can rectify it. The guarantee also covers labour cost. Product guarantees are valid from invoice date and the customer must show buyer’s certificate.

Our prolonged twenty years product guarantee refers to deliveries in Nordic countries. According to our conditions, the fitter and the customer have to conduct an assembly inspection, sign the protocol och send it to Kvänum kök AB no later than three months after the inspection. We examine the goods and decide whether the guarantee covers the defect and, if so, how we can rectify it. The guarantee implies that we substitute or repair the product and is valid from invoice date. The customer must show buyer’s certificate.

Guarantees are valid provided that assembly and maintenance follow our advice. Please, read more in our Assembly and care instruction.

Guarantees for goods and devices not manufactured by Kvänum, like kitchen appliances, worktops, faucets etcetera, are valid according to respective manufacturer’s commitments and instructions.


An interior from Kvänum is not only exclusive woodwork but a complete solution including kitchen appliances, work tops, faucets, light armatures, whiteware etcetera. We therefore expect our partners to meet high demands. We work with select fitters who are experts on our products. For more information, please contact your local retailer.

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