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A number of our kitchens have been chosen for some of the most remarkable architectural achievements of our age. Several have been awarded architectural prizes for their design.

At Kvänum, you are assured a reliable, stylish and experienced partner for your project, who can contribute strong values, irrespective of the sector you work in – from attics, to offices or large-scale constructing projects.

Villa Lorensberg, Göteborg

Client: Hökerum bygg

Built: 2023

Architect: Inobi

Extent: 8 apartments kitchen, bathroom and dressing room

Building Project

BRF Orangeriet, Lund

Developer: Eco village

Built: 2024-2025

Architect: FOJAB

Extent: 45 apts, kitchen

Building Project

BRF Safiren, View Living, Bohusgatan, Göteborg

Client: Balder

Developer: Skanska

Built: 2024-2025

Architects: Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter

Extent: 49 apts, kitchen

Building Project

Floragatan 10, Stockholm

Client: BRF Floragatan

Developer: Gleipnergruppen

Built: 2022

Architect: Enflo arkitekter

Extent: 4 apartments kitchen, bathroom and storage

Building Project

Fredriksskans KV. Jublet – Kalmar

Client: Grenåli

Developer: Multi Bygg Syd

Built: 2022

Architect: JAARK Syd AB

Extent: 10 apts, kitchen

Building Project

Caprea, Stockholm

Developer: Balder

Project and production management: Forsen

Built: 2023

Architect: Utopia Arkitekter AB

Extent: 28 apts

Building Project

Norra Ängby, Bromma

Developer: Kolfast Fastighetsutveckling

Construction contractor: Tyresöbyggarna

Built: 2023

Extent: 5 terraced houses

Building Project

Nämdö Sea Lodges, Nämdö

Developer: Marna Fastighetsutveckling

Construction contractor: Hawila

Built: 2023

Architect: Södergruppen Arkitekter

Interior designer: AW Studio

Extent: 16 apts

Building Project

Bohusgatan, Göteborg

Client: Balder

Developer: Skanska

Architect: Lindberg Stenberg arkitekter

Extent: 4 apts, kitchen and bath

Building Project

Trädgården 20, Alingsås

Client: Plusbo Fastighets Aktiebolag

Built: 2021

Extent: 12 apartments, kitchen and storage

Building Project

Vindshem, Göteborg

Client: Vindshem

Developer: Vindshem

Built: from 2020

Building Project

Stockholm Royal Seaport, Stockholm

Client: Riksbyggen

Developer: JM Entreprenad

Built: 2020

Architect: Thomas Sandell

Extent: 49 apts, kitchen and storing

Building Project

Timber Heights, Lindvallen

Client: BRF Timber Heights

Developer: TBD

Built: 2020, ongoing

Architect: Stefan Samuelsson – Stefan Arkitekt

Extent: 32 apts, kitchen and storing

Building Project

Linnédalens Vindar, Gothenburg

Client: Svenska Bogruppen

Developer: Portens Fastighetsutveckling HA Bygg

Built: 2020

Architect: Aspen

Extent: 12 apts, kitchen and storing

Building Project

Hästö, Karlskrona

Developer: PMB

Built: 2019

Architect: Thomas Sandell

Extent: 12 villas, kitchen

Building Project

Vildanden, Lund

Client: Heimstaden

Developer: MNB

Built: 2018 and ongoing

Architect: Krook & Tjäder AB

Extent: 313 apts, kitchen

Building Project

Zenhusen, Stockholm

Developer: Building firm Erik Wallin

Built: 2016

Architect: C.F. Möller

Extent: 18 row-houses, kitchen

Nominated for the Annual Residence Prize 2017

Building Project

Täppan, Stockholm

Client: BRF Kv Täppan

Developer: Lövdalens Bygg

Built: 2016

Architect: Axeloth

Extent: 14 apts, kitchen and storing

Building Project

Lyceum, Stockholm

Developer: Oscar Properties

Built: 2016

Architect: Andreas Martin-Löf

Extent: 69 apts, kitchen and storing

Nominated for the Annual Residence Prize 2017

Building Project

Svalan, Klädesholmen

Client: Max Properties

Developer: Processbygg

Built: 2020-2021

Extent: 7 apts, kitchen, bath and storing

Building Project

Odun, Uppsala

Client: Lindbacken Fastigheter

Developer: SH-Bygg

Built: 2022

Architect: HagArkitekter

Extent: 24 st townhouses

Building Project

Lyckoterassen, Stockholm

Client: Midroc

Developer: Midroc

Built: 2021-2022

Architect: DinellJohansson

Extent: 6 villas, kitchen

Building Project

Kerlingeborg, Göteborg

Client: TB-Gruppen

Developer: TB-Gruppen

Built: 2021-2022

Architect: Liljevall Arkitekter

Extent: 27 apts

Building Project

Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan, Göteborg

Client: Sverigehuset

Developer: NCC Göteborg

Built: 2021-2022

Architect: Semrén & Månsson

Extent: 60 apts, kitchen and storing

Building Project

Strand 3, Lomma

Client: CA-Fastigheter

Developer: NCC Malmö

Built: 2021-2022

Extent: 18 apts, kitchen, bath and storing

Building Project

Oscars, Marstrand

Client: Ernst Rosén

Developer: Flodéns

Built: 2022

Architect: White Arkitekter

Extent: 22 apts, kitchen, bath and storing

Building Project

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