Liljencrantz for Kvänum

21 January, 2019

21 January, 2019

What you see is clearly what you get – elaborated woodcraft and distinct shape with a refined feel of raw material.

Louise Liljencrantz

Spring 2019 Kvänum proudly presented a kitchen by Swedish designer Louise Liljencrantz. In close partnership with the designer we launched Liljencrantz for Kvänum in our Contemporary segment.

The chord is rustic and stylish on a theme of natural materials like wood and stone – based on a true story. It is a kitchen begging for space, enough room to accommodate large volumes and massif materials. In her own decisive manner, the designer created a timeless concept of straight lines and right angles. The cabinet door has a narrow frame with a sharp profile. The thickness of the frame allows for a recessed handle and tends to deepen the warm lustre of the stained oak. The designer describes her concept as Old Victorian manor goes Japan.

Louise came from fashion and interior decorating, and later went on to design. Her first furniture collection was released in 2017. Sculptural, elegant and playful, wrote the critics in praise of her objects.

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