Authenticity in everything

Natural and solid materials with an expression of simplicity and clarity have become the hallmark of Kvänum.

Oak from Visingsö

In our interiors you will find broadleaf wood such as ash and oak. The oak is harvested in the royal forest that was planted in the 1830s on Visingsö in Lake Vättern, today huge halls and arcades with pillars of oak.

The purpose of planting was to secure a future supply of timber for the Swedish marine. Alongside, larch and spruce were planted to shadow the oak and stop it from spreading its branches. Unlike the traditional dignified and emblematic oak, these trees grew tall and straight. The Swedish crown managed a long-term and rational production of raw material, boards and planks for carvel-built war vessels with several decks and imposing ornate galleons and transoms.

In 1975, long after the last ship-of-the-line had sailed away, the earliest trees were ripe to harvest. Today, the oak forest of Visingsö is part of our national heritage.

A gentle and sustainable maintenance of the forest helps preserving a unique biotope and cultural environment.

In consideration of replanting and regeneration, only limited annual quantities of timber can be harvested, enough for a fancy floor at the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria, whisky barrels to a prestigious distillery, or massif knife blocks and smooth drawers from Kvänum, things that will age with grace, much like the forest.

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