The carpenter Gustav Johansson, was sure of one thing when he built his first kitchen in 1923 – it had to work! Mainly ergonomically, as an effective work area and with a strong focus on quality. He was right. We continue this work in his spirit with function, materials and craftsmanship as the cornerstones of the business. We still find inspiration for our interior design through our surroundings, from Scandinavian traditions and from typical Scandinavian minimalism.

That same philosophy is reflected in our work when we design an interior. We put our trust in the local craftsmanship, grown through generations in our area. Where possible, we choose to process local materials for our products, which contributes to the character of our interiors and not least, from an environmental perspective, to sustainable production. And still, after 90 years, our interiors are made in the same place where it all started. In Kvänum.