Kvänum Tradition Vikby Pure White 6

The Vikby door
Vikby is a smooth, recessed door (22 mm), hand painted on ash veneer with visible hinges. The door is a kind of hybrid that would not be out of place under Kvänum Innovation. Works well in combination with Dalby.
colour options
Ash Misty Grey
Ash Soft White
Ash Lime Grey
Ash Pearl Green
Ash Pure White
Ash Smokey Grey
Ash Sand
Ash Soot Grey
Ash Forrest Green
Ash Ocean Blue
Ash Rock
Ash Almond
Vikby pure white, hand painted on ash with worktops in smoked oak. Ikaros extractor hood from Kvänum Bestlite lamps from Gubi adorn the wall
Vikby pure white, hand painted on ash, Bestlite lamps from Gubi hang above the table from Kvänum
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