The Brahe door
Brahe is a full-cover door (22 mm) with concealed hinges and an opening angle of around 110 degrees. Available with handles or a push-to-open system, which comes in an electrically controlled or manual version with integrated dampers. The smooth door is characterised by grace and aplomb.
colour options
Ash Misty Grey
Ash Soft White
Ash Lime Grey
Ash Pearl Green
Ash Pure White
Ash Smokey Grey
Ash Sand
Ash Soot Grey
Oak White Polished
Oak Driftwood
Ash Ash
Ash White Polished
Smoked Oak Coffee
Smoked Oak Nougat
Ash Forest Green
Ash Ocean Blue
Fenix Bianco Male
Fenix Castoro Ottawa
Fenix Grigio Efeso
Fenix Grigio Londra
Ask Skog
Ash Rock
Ash Almond
Ask Klippa
Ask Mandel

Nature is square shapes and volumes like boxes, cubes of wood, blocks of stone, a kitchen in dark tones of French roast. Per Fernholm, chief designer with Kvänum, did what he always does, laid out the wooden colour samples in a row, like the keyboard of a xylophone, picked and swapped the pieces, changed the order to sort out a melody, and there it was, a mellow tune, harmonic and soothing; back to nature is the theme.

Counters and cabinets are made of hardwood, stained ash the tone of sepia, and tones of dark and light smoked oak.

Nature in the model Brahe ART and three tones of dark wood, both oak and ash. Worktops in marble from Italy called Pietra Grigia
Our sumptuous tall cabinet contains white wares, and a wine cooler or other facilities if you whish. The elegant long handle is a novelty. As is the attachment, a combined door screw and decorative plate of dark bronze.
Cabinet with pocket doors, perfect when you will hide the doors
A railing for cookware, here in smoked oak called Vide
Doors don't need handles when you have a grip called ART in the frame. Easy to open and a very elegant expression
Three colours of dark Wood, smoked oak and black ash
Pietra Grigia is the name of the grey Italian marble with shades of umber and trails of white. Countertops come in the same material with a slanted edge making the top look like a shallow Roman tub.
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