Liljencrantz Oak Amber

The Liljencrantz Door
Liljencrantz is a full-cover model (40 mm) and has a narrow frame with a sharp profile. The thickness of the frame allows for a recessed handle and tends todeepen the warm lustre of the stained oak.
colour options
Oak Amber
The chord is rustic and stylish on a theme of natural materials like wood and stone – based on a true story.
Glass door cabinet is gallant Ramel. By adding the pillar from her open shelf as a repeated decorative element, a pilaster more or less, the designer made her own mark on the cabinet and created a congenial piece of furniture.
Worktop and table come in Portugese limestone.
Serenity might be the word that springs to mind; cooker hood coated with veined Portugese limestone hovering above a stovetop.
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