Atelier Ax

The Ramel door
Ramel is a full-cover model (22 mm) with a narrow frame. Ramel is available with a glass cabinet or mirror of beautifully grained wood, and can be combined with the Brahe door as a base unit.
colour options
Ash Soft White
Ash Lime Grey
Ash Pure White
Ash Smokey Grey
Ash Sand
Ash Soot Grey
Oak White-Polished
Ash Ash-Grey
Ash White-Polished
Smoked Oak Coffee
Smoked Oak Nougat
Ash Forest Green
Ash Ocean Blue
Ash-Grey Painted
Ash Rock
Ash Almond
Oak Amber
Ash Ax
Ash Thunder
Ash Black-Stained

Artistic and natural, artless and exquisite; Atelier is both. It is simplicity and refinement, straight design close to nature. Woodwork is mainly painted ash. New colours are Thunder and Ax.

The colour Ax on the counter pairs nicely with the colour Almond of the kitchen island, all topped with a delicate thin Italian marble, Fior di Pesco, a grey stone with winding white veins and shades of pink like peach blossom. The kitchen island has open shelves and corners marked by slender pillars.
The recessed glass cabinet is a piece of art in its own right.
The door has a slender frame. There is this sophisticated mix of modernity and classicism.
Dining area with built in sofa with drawers
The delicate knob is called Vide, above of brass. Drawers and knife blocks are made out of noble oak from Visingsö.
Lovely pantry in White-polished oak.
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