Our speciality

Our speciality is generating personally adapted environments that we create through a close working relationship with you – our customer – our designers and our craftsmen.

Broad and versatile range

We have one of the broadest and most versatile ranges on the market – no matter what kind of home you have.


Our most important guarantee is a lifetime guarantee, the sense that you have chosen the right kitchen becomes stronger and stronger every year.


We are proud to state that our design has garnered a range of awards and prizes. Our design successes create lasting value for our customers.

All over the world

Furnishing solutions from Kvänum stimulate desire all over the world. Our solutions are to be found in everything from charming cabins and the Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmö, Sweden, to illustrious castles and private residences on every continent. As the owner of an interior design solution from Kvänum, you will always be part of an exclusive clique.


The leather for our cushions is carefully selected and of the highest quality. The cushions are also edge-stitched for improved durability


All the veneer in our furnishing solutions is glued edge to edge in what are known as butt joints. The method requires the very latest technology and provides finished results of the very highest quality

Recommended by customers

More than half of our customers have been recommended by others who have already chosen Kvänum. These are customers who, over the years, have received proof that they made the best decision.

Quality control

All the doors we manufacture are checked and sanded by hand before surface treatment. This ensures the right “Kvänum quality”.

Four-side drawers

Our drawers feature a four-side design in solid oak and are vastly superior to metal drawers.

19 mm carcass

We manufacture our carcasses in ultra-high quality, using sturdy, 19 mm high-density furniture board. This ensures appreciably better durability than 16 mm boards or 18 mm MDF.

Wide range

Our furnishing solutions are available in a range of woods and colors, with a variety of surface treatments such as white-polished ash and smoky oak. The colors and surfaces have been carefully selected to suit a great many styles and to match your requirements exactly.

Pattern matched veneer

All the veneered doors can be pattern matched by our skilled veneer craftsmen, fully in line with customer requirements – e.g. as sheet veneer, cross veneer, etc.

Cabinet hanging system

All top cabinets are fitted on steel rails previously attached to the wall. This means that they can be used on a variety of wall types. This installation method provides maximum strength, allows infinite adjustment and eliminates the problem of unnecessary holes in the rear panel of the cabinet.

Installation space

The design of our top and bottom cabinets features a rear panel recessed 18 mm, which allows room for the installation of electricity ducts and water pipes.

Concealed shelf brackets

All shelves rest on concealed brackets. This is a strong, neat solution that prevents tipping!

FSC-certified forest

We use only wood of the very best quality from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, where forestry is conducted with respect for the environment, the local population, indigenous people and workers’ rights.


A metal emblem of the Kvänum logo is attached to a drawer in every kitchen we manufacture. This indicates that it has passed through our final quality control.

Genuine veneer

All the veneer in our furnishing solutions is genuine wood veneer from the finest stock. All the veneer is selected and checked manually to ensure a unique and attractive pattern.

Cabinet interior

We can supply a unique range of pantry pull-outs, carousels, cleaning setups, etc. to find the right functional solutions for every customer. All these solutions are made of sturdy steel from leading manufacturers.

Drawer inserts

We supply a comprehensive range of inserts in solid oak for cutlery, utensils, knives, spices, scales, etc.

Hinges with large opening angle

Our traditional kitchens are true to history, with visible hinges and opening angles of up to 180 degrees.

Stable door construction

Our door design is unique in the kitchen sector, but was established centuries ago as the best solution for exclusive furniture. Thanks to the stable construction of the doors, which involves solid wood, veneer and sturdy furniture board, the doors are not affected by natural variations in humidity during the year. This means that the risk of warping and cracking is minimal.

Drawer runners

The drawer rails are of the highest standard, with full extension and damping as standard. Drawers of up to 90 cm in width can handle loads of up to 40 kg. Wider drawers can handle loads of up to 70 kg.

Felt lining

Drawer inserts are supplied with grey felt lining. This creates an attractive contrast to the wood surfaces, reduces rattling from cutlery and ensures a quieter, softer touch.

Composite material

We are certified to work with composite material for both worktops and doors. Composite allows seamless construction for a tight design and a homogenous impression.


All light fittings are carefully selected and tested to ensure the best function and design. Spotlights can be directly recessed into the underside of the top cabinets – thanks to the 19 mm carcass panels. Through the use of LED lighting, we can minimise energy consumption and create minimalist lighting solutions.

Recessed doors

The recessed doors “sit” correctly against a bottom ridge in the carcass, precisely as they did in the original cabinets. A correct and exclusive design for customers who want an authentic product.

Handle-free design

We can supply both manual and electrically operated solutions for handle-free designs.

Cross transoms

Our cross transoms are marvels of craftsmanship. The profiles in our glass and transom cabinets are made of wood and bevelled. This involves using a single piece of glass for each pane – thus eliminating rattling. The transoms, both horizontal and vertical, are made of a single piece of wood and assembled with a traditional join.

34 work steps on one door

The manufacture of a Kvänum door involves a comprehensive work process. For example, as many as 34 different operations are required to manufacture a Sundby door.

Traditional kitchens

Our traditional kitchens with recessed doors feature drawer fronts and cabinet doors recessed into the carcasses and prominent plinths in authentic historical style.

Mitered corners

Our door frames are fitted by hand to ensure a stable construction with mitered corners. The frame and filling are glued together to form a complete unit. This results in a stable, quiet door.

Authentic appearance

Our traditional furnishing solutions are distinguished by distinctive profiles between the drawers. The outer edges of the carcasses are extra wide to ensure an authentic appearance.


We work exclusively with specially selected brands from companies that share our philosophy of quality, including Gaggenau, Miele, Siemens, AGA, Blanco and Ilve.


Our hinges are of the very finest quality. Our innovative furnishing solutions feature a patented hinge with built-in and adjustable damping that takes into account the weight of the door.

The designer

By channeling decades of experience, we can supply furnishing solutions that are well thought-out and constitute the best possible solution from the perspectives of ergonomics and practical use.


We make all our units at our own factory. Our production department is located in the midst of agricultural fields on the plains of West Götland, Sweden.

In harmony with nature

Our products are distinguished by wood craftsmanship. For this reason, we view nature as one of our most important assets and pursue a consistent environmental policy.

Personal adaption

Personal adaptation is always the defining feature, and everything we create bears the name of its owner from the moment we start work.


All the shelves in our shelving units are made of block board. This ensures that they do not fail under heavy loads.


In model Grip is the integrated grip a part of the door which gives a timeless and minimalistic design.


The Sundby door model is based in part on a door from the old kitchen at Stora Sundby Castle. Our special sense for traditional styles often results in our being commissioned as suppliers to sensitive architectonic environments

Rebated doors

Our rebated door models are built with a genuine upper rebate that enters halfway into the carcass to provide a neat appearance and representative design.