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The chord is rustic and stylish on a theme of natural materials like wood and stone – based on a true story. It is a kitchen begging for space, enough room to accommodate large volumes and massif materials. In her own decisive manner, the designer Louise Liljencrantz created a timeless concept of straight lines and right angles. She describes her concept as Old Victorian manor goes Japan.

Showroom - Stockholm

Showroom - Malmö

The woodwork is mainly bottom cabinets with carriages and drawers. For the rest storing takes place on open shelves and in a glass door cabinet, plain and practical, form and function in one.
Over and above the Ramel cabinet there is also a choice of the plain door Brahe in your Liljencrantz kitchen, all three Swedish nobility.
Glass door cabinet is gallant Ramel. By adding the pillar from her open shelf as a repeated decorative element, a pilaster more or less, the designer made her own mark on the cabinet and created a congenial piece of furniture.
Brittle branches like cracks in the white wall. Alongside wood and stone there is also cloth; carpets and light sheets the shape of curtains and drapes or soft sculptures contrasting the static and massif materials, an additional accent making Liljecrantz for Kvänum an unwontedly living kitchen with its own expression.
There is this vague sense of long ago and far away with slow shadows from a shelf lingering in the dreamy light.
Worktop and table come in Portugese limestone, and are also available in Chinese quartzite. If you wish to travel further east the designer has drawn a lower stone table top with room for a teppanyaki griddle surrounded by a group of low seat chairs evoking the almost ceremonial ambience around a Japanese meal.
Drawers are lined with nubuck, hide with the grain side grinded soft and matt.
Simplicity is the designer’s gospel, a message where every chapter and every verse is about the detail – like the pillar of the shelf with its mid section in a darker tone sticking out, an ingenious gesture indicating the Asian theme. And not for a moment did she forget the function; the beautiful shelf can be varied for ever, amen.
A two-handle tap blows a silent tattoo in honour of simplicity.
Serenity might be the word that springs to mind; cooker hood coated with veined Portugese limestone hovering above a stovetop.
What you see is clearly what you get – elaborated woodcraft and distinct shape with a refined feel of raw material.
Lemon Ice, Black Brass, Shades of Brown, Old White, Grey Green, Steel Blue – still life with granite, the knobs Lily, oak, hide, tile, spilt paint, and Russian Sea Holly.

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Liljencrantz is a full covering door and has a narrow, 40 mm thick, frame with a sharp profile. The frame in solid wood has a milled grip at the top. The filling is smooth and veneered. Liljencrantz is only available as drawers and in the colour Amber. Combined with advantage with Brahe or Ramel in cabinets with side-hung doors and display cabinets.

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